Granarolo joins Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud Pioneers for secure and green data storage

The collaboration between Granarolo and Cubbit is an example of the application of geo-distributed cloud in the cooperative world. A new paradigm that provides maximum security and sustainability in a context where data storage need is increasing exponentially.

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Italy, April 13th, 2023 – Granarolo S.p.A. and Cubbit announce an agreement that will see Granarolo join Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud, Europe's first geo-distributed cloud storage network dedicated to businesses. Cubbit, a Gaia-X partner, is Europe's first geo-distributed cloud storage enabler.

Gartner identifies distributed cloud among the technology trends of the decade, and Cubbit is the only company in Europe to have developed proprietary technology in this cutting-edge area. By joining the Next Generation Cloud program, Granarolo equips itself with Cubbit's geo-distributed cloud storage technology. This new storage model meets Granarolo's needs to manage large amounts of data and Big Data in a secure, cross-platform, high-performant way. This new technology will make it easier for Granarolo to manage economic-management data and sustainability data since, in the next two years, as a result of the adoption of CSRD, it will be necessary to have a more timely measurement of indicators that have not been reported on until now.

The digitization initiated by the Granlatte cooperative and its subsidiary Granarolo S.p.A. has oriented toward this innovative choice, which represents a small revolution aimed at storing and managing data in a streamlined, widespread way, with a guarantee in terms of security, thanks to encrypted and fragmented data, and significant savings in terms of costs (up to 80% compared to services on the market) and sustainability, with particular reference to CO2 produced (25kg per TB saved on Cubbit compared to traditional clouds) and the recycling of hardware resources already owned by the company.

"We are experimenting with different solutions geared toward reducing our environmental impact. When you consider that the global impact of the ICT ecosystem approaches 1,500 TWh/year, which impacts about 10 percent of the world's energy consumption (1/3 is attributable to storage), you can understand how geo-distributed cloud storage, for a large, internationalized and growing company like Granarolo, can be a breakthrough," commented Chairman Gianpiero Calzolari. "We are at an experimental stage; the hope is to extend the technology to the cooperative's more than 600 members present in 12 Italian regions, an ideal ecosystem for distributed storage such as the Cubbit solution."

"The fact that a leading company with a high level of internationalization like Granarolo chooses to join the Next Generation Cloud Pioneers network excites us. Moreover, a geo-distributed cloud is, by definition, cooperative because each network member contributes to the service's development. That's another reason we were totally in sync," said Alessandro Cillario, co-founder and co-CEO of Cubbit. "Next Generation Cloud Pioneers is the program where we engage companies with a pioneering spirit that want to challenge themselves with an emerging innovation like a geo-distributed cloud. It is a new cloud paradigm that is cheaper, secure, and sustainable," stressed Stefano Onofri, co-founder and co-CEO of Cubbit.

Gruppo Granarolo

The Granarolo Group represents the first agribusiness group with Italian ownership and one of Italy's most important players in the food industry. It has 14 production sites throughout the country, 2 in France, 3 in Brazil, 1 in New Zealand, 1 in the United Kingdom, 1 in Germany, and 1 in the United States.

The Granarolo Group represents the most essential Italian milk chain directly participated by producers associated in a cooperative form. In fact, it brings together more than 600 dairy farmers, a raw material collection organization at the barn with 70 vehicles and 720 distribution vehicles, which move 850 thousand tons/year and serve about 50 thousand outlets daily, from which 20 million Italian families buy Granarolo products.

The international Group's mission is to export the tradition of Made in Italy products. The Group relies on external quality controls carried out by qualified international certification bodies and guaranteed by the International Food Standard (IFS), British Retail Consortium (BRC), and EU Organic Food Certification (CCPB). Since 2002, the ISO 9001 quality management system has certified the production process.


Cubbit is Europe's first geo-distributed cloud storage enabler. With its technology, it ensures the security and sovereignty of customer data while cutting costs, cyber risks, and carbon emissions.

Unlike the traditional cloud, with Cubbit, data is no longer stored in a few centralized data centers. Instead, files are encrypted, split into chunks, multiplied, and geo-distributed over a peer-to-peer network, safe from downtime, ransomware, and hacker attacks. To access the network, Cubbit allows any unused device (computer, hardware, server, etc.) to be recycled into a network node; alternatively, Cubbit Cells, a proprietary plug-and-play device, can be hosted as nodes.

Cubbit is a Bologna-based Italian deep tech scaleup, born from the idea of Marco Moschettini, Stefano Onofri, Alessandro Cillario, and Lorenzo Posani, PhD. In addition to selling its solution in more than 70 countries worldwide, with its S3 compatible object storage, it now serves more than 120+ companies that have joined the dedicated Next Generation Cloud Pioneers network. Cubbit, a Gaia-X partner, is the first Italian startup invested by Techstars and has raised over $10M in investment from International investors. Thanks to its unique technology in Europe, it has received numerous awards from prestigious organizations such as CERN, Mastercard, TIM, Next Generation Internet, Climate KIC, and the European Commission. It is one of three winners of the EIT Digital Challenge Award 2021 given to the best European scaleups and was chosen by EIC Scaling Up among the top 30 European Deep Tech scaleups.

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