Cubbit, a Premier provider of Geo-Distributed Cloud Storage and Partner of Gaia-X introduces EMEA MSP Partner Program.

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Italy, June 16th, 2023 — Cubbit, a groundbreaking pioneer in geo-distributed cloud storage technology in Europe, is thrilled to announce the launch of its dedicated Partner Recruitment Program tailored specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and resellers. This new initiative offers privileged access to Cubbit Partners, including competitive pricing structures, a robust self-service dashboard, premium-tier support, and an array of dedicated marketing resources, among other exclusive benefits.

Gartner identifies distributed cloud among the technology trends of the coming years, and Cubbit is the only European company that has developed proprietary technology in this pioneering industry. Partners are granted the unique opportunity to capitalise on Cubbit's cutting-edge technology, opening up new avenues for revenue generation. They can deliver state-of-the-art cloud object storage services that guarantee unmatched security and resiliency, data sovereignty, full GDPR compliance, and eco-friendliness. All this comes at a mere fraction of the cost associated with hyper-scaler solutions, creating an unbeatable value proposition for end customers.

These are the benefits of the Program for MSPs, resellers, and more:

  • Reserved pricing with large discounts.
  • Comprehensive packages, including premium support, free egress costs and no transfer fees.
  • Exclusive access to marketing and technical resources.
  • Co-marketing activities through events and social media exposure.
  • Self-service and intuitive dashboard to assign projects and storage capacity.

Cubbit revolutionises cloud storage by offering technology that surpasses traditional providers. Instead of a centralised model, Cubbit encrypts data and distributes it over a secure, Geo-Distributed peer-to-peer network, reducing risks associated with downtime, ransomware, and hacker attacks. This advanced distribution mechanism expands across multiple cities within a single country, always ensuring stringent compliance with the nation's specific data sovereignty laws like GDPR.

For businesses worldwide, Cubbit presents a reliable, cost-efficient, and robust cloud storage solution. It guarantees an exceptional data durability of 99.999999999%, spread across various cities within the same country, providing unparalleled data security and peace of mind to enterprises globally.

By joining the Cubbit Partner Program, MSPs, resellers, distributors, system integrators, and others gain access to the cutting-edge distributed cloud object storage S3 compatible technology. This innovative storage model addresses the crucial need for IT departments to effectively manage protection of vast amounts of data, including backups, media files, logs. It provides a secure, cross-platform, and high-performing solution.

With S3 compatibility, developers and IT managers can effortlessly transition their storage from costly hyperscaler services (AWS, Azure, others) to Cubbit. This migration can be accomplished with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for extensive code rewrites. Furthermore, the S3 compatibility offers seamless integration with S3 compatible management stacks such as Veeam, Synology, Nakivo, unlocking a range of benefits, including immutable backup, heightened security, and the ability to leverage advanced next-generation use cases (Generative AI and Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Enhanced Video Analysis, Genome Research).

Cubbit is dedicated to delivering unmatched value through a channel-friendly product offering.

Stefano Onofri, co-founder and co-CEO of Cubbit, emphasises this commitment, stating, "We are focused on enabling our partners to unlock new opportunities and drive meaningful dialogues that were previously unexplored. Our technology empowers them to develop dedicated cloud solutions that harness the best of Cloud and On-premises worlds."

Alessandro Cillario, co-founder and co-CEO of Cubbit acknowledges the growing recognition of Cubbit's technology in Europe and expresses the company's determination to expand its reach worldwide through partnerships. He affirms, "We have witnessed significant interest in Cubbit from European customers in the past year, and now we are doubling down. We firmly believe that collaborating with partners is the most effective way to extend the benefits of our technology globally."

If you're interested in becoming a Partner, you can visit, or if you want to try the technology first, you can activate a free trial at


Cubbit is Europe's first geo-distributed cloud storage enabler. With its technology, it ensures the security and sovereignty of customer data while cutting costs, cyber risks, and carbon emissions.

Cubbit is a pioneering technology company that revolutionises cloud storage solutions. With a unique approach to data management, Cubbit offers secure, geo-distributed, and high-performing cloud object storage, empowering businesses to effectively handle large volumes of data. Cubbit's S3 compatible technology enables seamless migration from expensive cloud services to their platform with ease, while also integrating smoothly with popular IT management stacks. Committed to delivering unparalleled value, Cubbit embraces a channel-friendly approach, collaborating with MSPs, resellers, and partners to extend the benefits of their technology worldwide. With a strong emphasis on innovation and data privacy, Cubbit is reshaping the future of cloud storage.

Cubbit is a leading European deep tech scaleup founded by Marco Moschettini, Stefano Onofri, Alessandro Cillario, and Lorenzo Posani, PhD. With its S3 compatible object storage solution, Cubbit has expanded its presence to over 70 countries worldwide and has built a strong network of large companies through its dedicated Next Generation Cloud Pioneers program. As a Gaia-X partner, Cubbit is at the forefront of European technology innovation and has attracted significant investment, raising over $10M from international investors, including Techstars.

Recognized for its exceptional technology and European footprint, Cubbit has received numerous prestigious awards from renowned organisations such as CERN, Mastercard, TIM, Next Generation Internet, Climate KIC, and the European Commission. It was honoured as one of the three winners of the EIT Digital Challenge Award 2021, recognizing it as one of the best European scaleups. Additionally, Cubbit was selected by EIC Scaling Up as one of the top 30 European deep tech scaleups, further highlighting its significant achievements and potential.

Cubbit's remarkable growth, coupled with its industry recognition and strong partnerships, solidifies its position as a key player in the deep tech landscape, driving innovation and shaping the future of cloud storage in Europe and beyond.

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