Cloud security management case study: StudioC&P & Cubbit

In this cloud security management case study, the Legal & Strategic consultancy StudioC&P overcomes the “façade” of regulatory compliance with Cubbit.

‍‍“In a world where we no longer distinguish between what is real and what is digital, where we have overcome the awareness of what is tangible, it is very important to know how our data is used in the service platforms we rely on. - explained Serena Corigliano, of Studio Corigliano&Porfido, a Legal & Strategic consultancy based in Italy.

Together with Giuseppe Porfido, she is co-founder of a small professional studio that accompanies their customers step-by-step throughout the digitalisation journey.

In this case study, we will see how choosing the right cloud security management platform helped them to achieve their goals.

The importance of Data Protection in a digitalised world‍

giuseppe porfido serena corigliano smiling at the camera

‍Studio Corigliano&Porfido is the outcome of an agreement between two friends: a lawyer, Serena, and Giuseppe, an IT professional. Talking to each other, they realised that the rise of digitalisation has brought great opportunities, but at the same time it was also causing many needs and issues to emerge in the market. A change that needed to be addressed with a different approach, one that paired the professional skills of a lawyer and an IT expert.

Personal data protection and the emergence of digital data, were the drivers that favoured our professional meeting” said Serena, who continues “This is our blessing and a curse. In Italy, in fact, there was no ground ready to 'welcome' such issues.

How to choose the right cloud security management platform? A case study beyond Google Drive and Dropbox

Serena and Giuseppe were using storage solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox to share files that were neither sensitive or particularly private. Still, these two tools were not in line with their core mission and values, they were searching for something unique, a solution that married their desire to sensitise the “personal data protection” of their customers.

They were very aware of the GDPR compliance that came into force in 2018, but their will was to go beyond that, they wanted a solution for clients who wanted to overcome the “façade” of regulatory compliance, who were instead seeking the right cloud security management platform to achieve true data protection.

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Moreover, they definitely needed a storage location that was also accessible to their customers’ team, wherever they are, directly from smartphones.

two people looking at computer cubbit cloud window

‍To deliver this level of protection and flexibility to their customers, Studio C&P employed storage solutions, even home-made ones, with acceptable levels of security like VPNs, to offer the team the possibility of accessing their data from home. But this kind of solution was unable to deliver peace of mind to their customers. That’s why they started to look at other solutions on the market, among which two of these caught their attention:

  1. A customised, yet very expensive, solution powered by blockchain technology.
  2. A distributed cloud storage, therefore detached from the physical location, providing unbeatable level of security at an unmatched price.

Studio Corigliano & Porfido was attracted in a unique way by the cloud security management platform this case study is focused on. - “Since all the the other solutions on the market were customised and very expensive, 99% of our clients would have preferred this kind of service”

Zero Knowledge Architecture is the insurance on your data

“Cubbit "cuts the Gordian knot" and allows you to have this added value immediately at your service, without worries and additional costs. “ - stated Giuseppe.

One of the main reasons why Studio C&P chose Cubbit is because of file security management. The zero knowledge architecture makes it impossible for an unauthorised person to access the data, even to the service provider and this is becoming an element of paramount importance if we think that, in the last year, the number of cybercrimes grew by 600%. “Cubbit is a clean break, if you want to be safe you go to Cubbit, otherwise you accept the risks of your own choices. This does not mean abandoning the other systems, but integrating them with more secure solutions."

cloud security management case study cubbit zero knowledge encryption infographic
‍“Every time I put data on Google Drive, there is something that makes me feel uneasy” revealed Serena.I must admit that using a platform that is more in line with our values, our ideals and also the protection of data makes me feel more comfortable. That data is even safer when it is stored.”

It’s important to remember that Cubbit is an environmentally friendly solution, allowing your team to save 400 kg of CO2 annually, for each 10 TB stored on Cubbit. “I consider it critical for the betterment of all of us and of life, of all professionals and the planet in general. Not least, in my opinion, it is a fundamental aspect.”

In this cloud security management case study, we saw how the right sensitisation over the hot-topic of data protection, and choosing the right tool to marry these ideals, can create a real bond with your own customers, as Studio Corigliano & Porfido Legal & Strategic consultancy is managing to do.

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  1. Being GDPR and CCPA compliant.
  2. Overcoming the “facade” of regulatory compliance for their customers (Real protection of sensible data). → Very sensitive clients’ docs (hospitals, lawyers...).
  3. Easy to manage.
  4. Accessible at reasonable prices.
  5. Zero trust over Gdrive and Dropbox promises.


  1. GDPR and CCPA compliant management inside the Cloud.
  2. A cloud security management made of 3 layers of security: Zero knowledge architecture, end-to-end encryption and distributed network together.
  3. “Drag and drop” solution: everything is within a click.
  4. No centralised data-centers = top performance at a competitive price.
  5. Marriage of Values.
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