Cloud security case study for Patent Attorney: Wouter & Cubbit

Wouter is a patent attorney, formerly at Nokia. After the WeTransfer security flaw, he switched to Cubbit for a file backup with end to end encryption.

Imagine working in the legal sector, around big (and super-secret...) projects.

Blood. Sweat. Tears. That’s what you shed every day, striving to achieve one goal: protecting your client’s innovation from prying eyes.

Whether it’s the recipe for Coca-Cola, or a new unicorn-winning formula. You want to avoid sensitive data going public before your customers take action.

However, one day a bunch of notifications pop up on your phone:

“WeTransfer accidentally shared users' sensitive files.”

Now it’s you in front of your client - eyes wide open - explaining what you just did professionally to best respect your client's privacy and security.

But let’s pause for a moment. Meet Wouter and learn what happened in this cloud security case study.

#1. Meet Wouter and delve into this cloud security case study!

First, let’s be clear. Contrary to what you might think, Wouter is an engineer by training.

With a PhD in Engineering from Ghent University: he has a good level of past experience. This includes doing research for Belgium’s largest university and working for Nokia as a network architect.

wouter cloud security case study

Passionate about technology, he was amazed by its disruptive potential in the nineties: that moment when the silver disc goes into the machine and boom! a perfect sound - as if by magic - comes out of the speaker.

However, Wouter is also passionate about change. And as easily as 1-2-3 he decided to make a change by starting work in the patent industry.

“I got into the software side of law, helping companies to write patents on AI, blockchain, coding… in the eyes of my clients I'm the IT guy! So I cannot leave data security to chance, and went looking for a professional-grade solution, so that no one can access my clients' confidential information.”

And when it comes to handling confidential information, Wouter knew special care was needed. One that goes beyond what an everyday solution can provide.

#2. Many storage solutions. And WeTransfer’s security flaw...

Wouter has been using Dropbox for a long time. However, he was well aware of the cloud storage privacy & security issues when it comes to using it.

“The internet has been known since the 90s, but it’s no longer the same. We’ve gone along the blockchain. People expect to have encryption by-design now. It’s no longer nice-to-have. It’s a must have.
With all the Cloud Act and ransomware stuff our cloud storage privacy and security is definitely in danger.”

Traditional solutions were good: they worked well and for personal (+ non-confidential) things. However, the thought of unknown people entering his electronic door at any given time was unacceptable.

Even best practices were not enough: the 3-2-1 backup rule is good, but it takes effort and doesn't protect you or your clients' privacy.... Moreover, most people don't even know the principle.

"My clients need a very high level of confidentiality for text documents, drawings, video footage and images...
This is very important: when you file a patent application, you put it down in words and pictures and you must be very careful not to put them online before you patent.
Some innovation and implementation details are so secret that they can’t even get into the patent”

And as we saw at the beginning of the story, security flaws with services like WeTransfer confirmed to Wouter that better security is required to meet his customers’ needs.

This is what Wouter was looking for:

  • Encrypted file backups to ensure total privacy on confidential files.
  • State-of-the-art encryption to protect customers' disruptive inventions from attackers.
  • Enough storage space to have all his data at his fingertips at all times, no matter what.

That's how Wouter came across a solution that meets his professional needs, which we introduce below.

#3 Data distribution and end to end encryption with Cubbit

One day, Wouter met Cubbit and fell in love with its concept.

“My Dropbox works neatly, but as a personal solution for unimportant files.”“Prying eyes and loss of data are everyday things in the patent industry: with Cubbit I can no longer lose my data, it’s distributed in p2p file storage and protected with end to end encryption. It’s the Next Generation of secure cloud storage.”

Since the 1990s we have gone through several (r)evolutions of the internet as we know it:

  • Web 1.0 with all its hyperlinks,
  • Web 2.0 as we are experiencing it every day,
  • Web 3.0: the internet of the future, combining centralized and new, distributed technologies.

And in a fast-changing, on-the-go era, it's critical to keep all your data 100% secure and private.

“Being the 'IT guy' I wanted the most secure option for storage of confidential data: to avoid hacker attacks, prying eyes and to have information always accessible at an affordable price. That's what Cubbit guarantees me, that's why I use my Cubbit every day on a professional level."

‍What are you waiting for? Try Cubbit for free for 30 days — no credit card required.

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