MSP CloudReso selects Cubbit's hyper-resilient DS3 distributed cloud to achieve data security and 30% savings on storage costs

With Cubbit DS3, French-based MSP CloudReso can offer unprecedented data sovereignty, geographical resilience, and ransomware protection

Bologna, Italy — 7th May 2024Cubbit, the innovator behind Europe’s first distributed cloud storage enabler, today announced that CloudReso, a France-based distributor of MSP security solutions, has reduced its cloud object storage costs by 30% thanks to Cubbit’s fully-managed cloud object storage DS3. The MSP can now offer its customers a cloud storage solution with unequalled data sovereignty specs, geographical resilience, and double ransomware protection (server and client-side). Through this deployment, CloudReso has successfully avoided hidden costs traditionally linked to S3, including egress, deletion, and bucket replication fees.  

Operating across all French-speaking countries, CloudReso manages over 790 TB of data and backs up 1,590 endpoints. CloudReso's expertise covers a wide range of vertical markets, including the public sector, providing extensive technical knowledge of S3 solutions and support. 

With cyber-threats such as ransomware attacks growing in sophistication, targeting both client-side and server-side vulnerabilities with unprecedented precision, Cubbit technology has helped CloudReso protect data both client-side (Object Lock, versioning, IAM policy) and server-side (geo-distribution, encryption). 

The MSP considered and assessed various public services over the years, including centralised S3 cloud storage solutions. These options incurred high fees charged for deleting data and expenses were multiplied according to the number of sites needed for bucket replication (in CloudReso’s case the configuration was composed of three data centres across the Paris region). With Cubbit DS3, fixed storage costs include all the main S3 APIs, together with the geo-distribution capacity, enabling CloudReso to save 30% on storage costs while providing a cloud storage solution with up to 15 9s for durability. Cubbit’s flat rate also helped CloudReso quickly estimate the monthly volume data load, easily predict costs and ROI, enabling CloudReso to make higher margins. 

The infrastructure and maintenance costs of other on-prem object storage solutions did not offer a perfectly secure and available solution for the MSP’s needs. A major prerequisite for CloudReso's choice of partner was the inclusion of all the key S3 APIs, including Lifecycle Configuration (enabling setting the lifecycle of data and objects), and Object Lock technology, thus implementing an extra layer of data protection from ransomware and preventing unauthorised data access or deletion - capabilities not delivered as comprehensively or as cost-effectively by the other providers. Whereas Cubbit offers an extensive range of S3 object store features at one of today's most competitive prices. With Cubbit's GDPR compliance and geo-fence capabilities, CloudReso can now comply with regional regulations and stringent laws impacting the industries in which its customers operate, enabling the MSP to create new sources of revenue streams.

Gilles Gozlan, CEO at CloudReso, said, “To store our data, we've used US-based and French-based cloud storage providers for a long time, but they did not come with the geographical resilience, data sovereignty and simple pricing that Cubbit offers. This has enabled us to estimate our ROI more easily, and to generate 30% saving on our previous costs for equivalent configuration. Cubbit will enable us to enter new data intensive, highly-regulated markets. Moreover, Cubbit has a quality and response time of support that we haven't found with any other provider. For these reasons we haven't used any other S3 provider since we started working with Cubbit.”

Richard Czech, Chief Revenue Officer at Cubbit, said, “Together with the explosive growth of unstructured data, European organisations are now facing an increasing number of challenges: cyber-threats, data sovereignty, and unpredictable costs, to name a few. CloudReso has our DS3 as a true obstacle remover, and we are working together to bring it to organisations all over Europe.”

Moving forward, CloudReso expects to develop the adoption of Cubbit throughout all Francophone territories. Soon, CloudReso will also adopt Cubbit’s new DS3 Composer, whose general availability was announced on 18th March, to provide their customers with on-prem, country-clustered solutions with complete sovereignty and compliance, including NIS2, GDPR, and ISO 27001.

About Cubbit

Cubbit is Europe’s first distributed cloud storage enabler. Its groundbreaking technology addresses nations’ specific data sovereignty concerns, helping businesses check all the compliance boxes (e.g., NIS2, GDPR, and ISO 27001) while ensuring the best overall total cost of ownership (TCO), data control and providing hyper-resiliency against ransomware and disasters.

Today, Cubbit technology is utilised by 250+ European companies and partners, including Exclusive Networks (a $5.45B global distributor in cybersecurity, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange) and Leonardo (a $14B world leader in defence and cybersecurity). For more information, visit: 

About CloudReso

CloudReso is a France-based distributor of MSP security solutions with a mission to provide its clients and MSP partners with optimum data protection solutions for the highest-levels of cybersecurity, data backup and recovery, and data management. Backed by expertise in offsite backup and S3 storage solutions, CloudReso has developed robust offerings to precisely meet market needs. Six years after its inception, CloudReso manages 1 PB of offsite backup data, demonstrating the trust and reliability that its clients place in its services. This has been made possible through its choice of partners, including key players such as Cubbit, MSP360, and MalwareBytes. The future of CloudReso is promising, as technological innovation and the security needs of information systems have never been more relevant.

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