Cubbit is a GoldPartner at Cloudfest 2024. Visit us and win prizes

Cubbit is proud to be a GoldPartner at CloudFest 2024, the world's premier cloud computing conference at Europa-Park, Germany, from March 18-21 (Booth R11).

We’ll unveil and demo the latest features of DS3 Composer, the world’s first cloud enabler that empowers MSPs and enterprises to build their own geo-distributed cloud storage. 

Also, challenge us at StorageSnake® (~1 min) and win some sweet Apple® gadgets!

Some quick links:


Cubbit is Europe’s 1st geo-distributed cloud storage: hyper-resilient, sovereign, 100% S3 compatible — with no costs for egress, deletion, and redundancy.

Today, Cubbit technology is adopted by 200+ European companies and partners, including Exclusive Networks (a $4.9B global distributor in cybersecurity, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange) and Leonardo (a $14B world leader in defence and cybersecurity).

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