Cubbit appoints two data storage veterans to support company’s global expansion

Cubbit reinforces the global launch of its geo-distributed cloud storage proposition with the appointment of Richard Czech and Enrico Signoretti

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Bologna, Italy — 12th July 2023 — Cubbit, the innovator behind Europe's first geo-distributed cloud storage enabler, today announced the appointment of two data storage world veterans to its executive team: Richard Czech as Chief Revenue Officer, and Enrico Signoretti as VP Product & Partnerships.

The expansion of the Cubbit leadership team reinforces the company’s goals around international growth and the realisation of strategic market opportunities in cloud and edge computing. This news follows the announcement on 27th June around the launch of Cubbit’s international advisory board, consisting of initial members: Nicolas Ott, Alec Ross, and Mikko Suonenlahti.

Richard Czech has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and key executive in the storage industry. For the past six years, he was VP EMEA of Sales at Wasabi Technologies, a global leader in the object storage industry, where he led the European go-to-market strategy from the company’s journey from startup to unicorn (growing the partner network from zero to thousands, and selling hundreds of PB of storage), when it was valued at over $1 billion. Prior to Wasabi, Richard held key positions in the technology and data storage industry, including as the European Sales Executive for DataXion, CEO of Lightsand Communications, VP of Technology, EMEA at ADIC, and founder/president of InterBackup, a US-based backup software company.

"The cloud market is entering its mature phase. There is an established understanding in customers and channel partners as to the benefits of cloud storage, but this is now shifting towards concerns about adopting solutions that are non-European or non-sovereign, thereby exposing them to the increasing risks associated with the impact of the Cloud Act and the more stringent compliance requirements of GDPR.” Czech continues, “Also, relying on a single physical location for cloud data is no longer a viable strategy, as it leaves organisations vulnerable to major losses in the event of a disaster. With its highly resilient, sustainable and distributed S3 architecture, Cubbit offers a unique solution that can scale effortlessly from private to dozens of public storage locations with just a few clicks.”

In his Cubbit role as Chief Revenue Officer, Czech’s unique experience will lend itself to driving business growth by taking a holistic approach in overseeing the entire revenue cycle (with the alignment of teams, operations and systems) around the customer experience in the go-to market process.

Enrico Signoretti has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, having held various roles including IT manager, consultant, head of product strategy, IT analyst, and advisor. He is an internationally renowned visionary author, blogger, and speaker on next-generation technologies. Over the past four years, Enrico has kept his finger on the pulse of the evolving storage industry as the Head of Research Product Strategy at GigaOm. He has worked closely and built relationships with top visionaries, CTOs, and IT decision makers worldwide. Enrico has also contributed to leading global online sites (with over 40 million readers) for enterprise technology news.

"Data is the most important asset for any modern organisation, and we are generating more and more of it. To fully exploit the potential of data, the need to maintain full control over it in terms of sovereignty, security, and cost will thus triple. On top of that, data is generated at the edge, not on the cloud. So there will be an increasing need for a flexible system with constant access and mobility to move data where we need it between different clouds and solutions. Object storage has set a standard for cross-platform communication, but this technology is not designed for the edge. That's where Cubbit comes in with a next-generation, decentralised platform optimised for edge and multi-cloud use cases that can give back full control over data, infrastructure, and cost," explains Signoretti.

Signoretti will be drawing upon his vast experience to contribute towards the technical vision, initiatives and strategy of Cubbit’s DS3 solution and the overall business goals, as well as expanding the company’s network of strategic partners, fostering relationships with leading industry players.

"Over the past three years, we have successfully launched and tested our proprietary geo-distributed technology with more than 5,000 customers and companies. Now it's time to execute the business model on a global scale, and to do that, we needed industry veterans who can chart the right course and lead the team to success," Stefano Onofri, co-CEO and co-founder of Cubbit, explains.

"Ours is an enabling, unique technology, which originated from an Italian ecosystem: we are excited to have secured two veterans like Richard Czech and Enrico Signoretti. It is rare that visionary leaders and unicorn creators leave the U.S. to come and make a difference here in Europe. This is a significant validation of our cloud storage vision and how we are bringing that to market. The number of customers and partners we are signing daily further confirm this,” adds Alessandro Cillario, co-CEO and co-founder of Cubbit.

Since the announcement of the Next Generation Cloud Pioneers program in April 2022, Cubbit now serves more than 140+ companies, enterprises, and institutions, including Aeroporto Marconi di Bologna, Amadori, Bonfiglioli, CNP Vita (Unicredit Group), Granarolo, Marcheno Municipality, and SCM Group.

While expanding the team, Cubbit is evolving its technology to become an enabler of multi-cloud and edge solutions. For more information, please visit:

About Cubbit

Cubbit, Europe's first geo-distributed cloud storage enabler, offers Cubbit DS3: a multi-tenant S3-compatible object store optimised for edge and multi-cloud use cases. Unlike traditional cloud storage, Cubbit’s technology doesn't store data in a few centralised data centres. Instead, files are encrypted, fragmented, redundantly stored, and distributed across geo-distributed networks called Swarms; this reduces the data risk around downtime, ransomware, and hacker attacks. The Swarm is built on recycled and dedicated computing and storage resources, helping to optimise the storage infrastructure of companies and enterprises at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud providers while guaranteeing complete data sovereignty and avoiding lock-in. Cubbit, a Gaia-X partner, is a leading European deep tech scaleup company that has raised $10M+ and expanded its presence in 70+ countries, where its technology has been deployed with over 5,000 active nodes. In 2022, Cubbit launched its B2B solution that now counts more than 140 corporate and enterprise customers. Cubbit has received awards from CERN, Mastercard, TIM, Next Generation Internet, and Climate KIC. It is one of three winners of the EIT Digital Challenge Award 2021 given to the best European scaleups, and was chosen by EIC Scaling Up among the top 30 European deep tech scaleups.

About Next Generation Cloud Pioneers

Launched in April 2022, Next Generation Cloud Pioneers is the Cubbit programme where a selected number of pioneering Italian companies adopted Cubbit's geo-distributed cloud object storage product to create the first private B2B network in Europe.

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